Eclipse & Moons Ron Burgundy Minx Metallic Decal

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Exclusively on Bun Bun!

  • Designed by @SoHotRightNail
  • Made by @MinxNails
  • Produced in the USA

One pack includes 77 pieces

Minx lasts about 10 - 14 days with correct application. Longer when encapsulated in gel.

Ready-to-wear formula for an easy application wherever you go! 

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Stay tuned for the upcoming release of holographic colors. See images for possible usage ideas and actual color sample.

Usage tips with gel:

  1. Cure base color
  2. Wipe off tacky layer
  3. Measure/size proper decal to nail size
  4. Optional- warm up Minx between fingers or heat 
  5. Apply to cuticle area, leaving about 1mm gap between cuticle to allow sealer gel
  6. Cut off excess edges
  7. Rub Minx on to the nail starting from the center and working outward
  8. Press and secure edges
  9. Seal with hard gel or builder gel such as the Bun Bun Chrome Sealer
  10. Top with gel top coat